Planning & Organizing for End of Life




by Elizabeth Breedlove

What kind of projects?

Do I have beneficiaries listed on all my financial accounts?

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If something happens to me, who will contact all my friends?

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I have some sentimental items I want to be sure my grandkids receive!

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My passwords are scattered all over the place!

I have some favorite songs I would like played at my memorial service.

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What will happen to my social media accounts when I'm gone?

Do I need a will in the USA or UK as well as Spain?

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Do I have up-to-date Health Directives on file in both countries?

I self-published a book and it's for sale online. What happens to that?

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Has everything been agreed and communicated?

"I wish I knew what (insert YOUR name here) wanted me to do about ......."

the house

social media accounts

Mom's car

the bank accounts abroad

the stuff in the attic

Becky's college fund

contacting friends

the Bar├ža membership

the memorial service

Dad's motorcycle

An Orange Question Mark

Grandpa's paintings

the cats,

the dogs

Where shall we begin?

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legal & medical


household items

remains & memorial wishes

digital footprint

plus so many other possibilities...

Sample deliverable

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How it works

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We have a free 45-minute conversation to identify key areas that you would like to organize. Then we focus on one small project to begin with. We keep it simple & straightforward. It's all about results!

I follow up with a project summary and proposal, outlining activities, fees and a timeline. We sign a confidentiality agreement and agree on our first call.

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Projects typically take 3 to 4 weeks to complete, depending on your availability.

Once you've cleaned up one area of your

End-of-Life plan, you'll see how easy and

satisfying it is and want to do more.

Your loved ones will be grateful you took the time.

And I promise you--

there are areas you've never considered!

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Planning & Organizing for End of Life

All projects are custom designed to match your priorities.

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legal & medical


household items

digital footprint

remains & memorial wishes

We look at one of the 4 key areas to organize and focus on what you want to achieve in that area. The promise is to ensure solid results, quickly.

Smaller undertakings make the whole process lighter, more manageable and easier to achieve results.

Your time commitment is typically

2-3 hours per week.


Talking about sex won't get you pregnant

and talking about death won't kill you!

Get in touch!

Breedlove Care

by Elizabeth Breedlove

+34 658 036 922

Cell phone, WhatsApp & Signal

Barcelona, Spain

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About Elizabeth

Community. Generosity. Integrity.

These are the values I live by. And being my word. When these are in play, everything seems to fall into place.

I have been with people in all elements of life's end over the last 7 years. I believe it's an honor and a privilege to help people with this important task. Dying well is an important part of living well! I started this company to help people get organized for End of Life early on, while they are still vital and healthy. My clients are typically 55-75 years old.

I moved from the USA to Europe 30+ years ago, settling in Barcelona in 2000. I have both USA + Spanish nationalities. My professional career was in technology and sales. I am a graduate of Landmark Education's advanced communication programs. My home in La Barceloneta is near the beach, and I enjoy biking, sailing, Pilates and going to the theater. Bringing friends together and making new connections is a passion of mine, and I love to travel around Catalunya and abroad.

Locally, I am a cofounder of Democrats Abroad Spain working to get out the vote for all Americans living in Spain. Also a cofounder and board member of Associaci├│ 50a50 to lobby for equal representation for women & men in all elements of Catalan society and business. I am also an active member of Barcelona Global & BCN Women's Network.

Those who know me say...

Elizabeth has one of the most powerful listenings for people that I've ever encountered. She really listens to people and she respects who people are. She lets them be who they are and she doesn't interfere with that. Yet at the same time, she pulls out the best in people. And that's who I want to take care of my business - someone who can do that and not get all sappy about it, and do it with infinite compassion.

Rev. Dr W Hunter Roberts, Ordained Minister & Coach for women CEOs Spain

Elizabeth offers an unusual combination of efficiency in handling the practical elements of end of life situations, along with deep compassion and emotional sensitivity. She was immensely helpful in navigating the intricacies of public health services during my late wife's lengthy physical and psychological decline. At the same time, she provided emotional support when it was most needed.

Elizabeth is extremely energetic and very well organized, yet she always retains a comforting approach to life's complications. I have counted on her wise guidance for 10+ years and continue to do so.

Dan Solon, retired Corporate Communications Executive, Spain

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Much appreciated feedback...

Nobody mistakes your communications Elizabeth. You are the paragon of kindness and integrity.

Brooks Cole, Tech Entrepreneur & Founder of HOLO, Spain

I love Elizabeth's commitment to impeccability.

Angela Amado, Global leader in the field of disabilities & Program Leader-Landmark Worldwide USA

I think Breedlove Care is a great idea: End of Life Management. Work that really suits you. Ticks off all your talent boxes, both emotionally (empathy, support) and business-wise (organization). You have in fact been doing it for many years now, and it was always very much appreciated. Like a gift from heaven.

Anneliese Van de Poel, retired College Professor, Belgium

My inspiration...